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  Quarterly Report  

The Quarterly Report shows total activity on your site for each quarter of a year. Remember that each page hit can result in several server requests as the images for each page are loaded.
Note: Most likely, the first and last quarters will not represent a complete quarter's worth of data, resulting in lower hits.

Quarterly Report: Number of requests by Quarter.

QuarterNumber of requestsNumber of page requests
1.Q4 200931,8714,227
2.Q1 201060,65510,295
3.Q2 201036,4466,557
4.Q3 201017,3584,372
5.Q4 201034,3397,032
6.Q1 201142,5218,071
7.Q2 20119,6442,562

Most active quarter Q1 2010 : 10,295 pages sent. 60,655 requests handled.

Quarterly average: 6,159 pages sent. 33,262 requests handled.

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Report time frame November 26, 2009 08:15 to May 19, 2011 23:46.

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